Terms & Conditions

POOK is incorporated in Zimbabwe and is the trade name of CALCULUS ABACUS (PRIVATE) LIMITED. Pook conducts business from 30 B James Martin Drive, Lochinvar, Harare.

Customers are advised to familiarise themselves with the Terms & Conditions of Contract of Pook in terms of which transactions will be concluded and should seek clarification from the Company on any issue prior to placing any order with Pook.

  1. Pook is the not (unless otherwise stated) the manufacturer or agent of any product listed on our website and offered for sale and is not the proprietor of any mark, brand or logo appearing in relation to any of the products offered for sale.

  2. All good listed and offered for sale are subject to the warranty and product guarantee terms of the manufacturer or supplier of such products. We undertake to replace any product found to be defective or damaged that is returned to us in saleable condition with a similar or replacement product. In respect of any product sourced or supplied by WOOLWORTHS (SOUTH AFRICA) no warranty or guarantee will be effective after export to Zimbabwe and Pook will refund the price of any returned products from that supplier to the Customer.

  3. All products offered for sale are subject to availability of supply and alternative products may be offered for stocks not readily available.

  4. The current price of products offered for sale appears on our official website and prices may be subject to change prior to any order being accepted for supply. No discounts, rebates or deductions are claimable by the Customer unless specifically offered by Pook and, in such event, any discount, rebate or deduction may be subject to specific qualifying conditions.

  5. Quantities of any product offered for sale may be restricted or limited depending on general availability from the supplier.

  6. Any order placed by a Customer must be verified by the Customer prior to acceptance by Pook and once so verified and payment made in full will be despatched for delivery to the Customer’s address provided with the order. Payment by electronic means shall only be deemed to have been received when confirmed by Pook’s bank. Pook may decline to deliver any order of products to any address that is not sufficiently identified and confirmed by the Customer. Delivery to the address provided by the Customer shall constitute discharge of Pook’s obligations to the Customer and risk in and to the products shall pass to the Customer upon delivery.

  7. Products delivered to the address provided by the Customer shall be received and inspected on delivery and signed for by any responsible person present at the address for delivery on behalf of the Customer.

  8. Any products found to be damaged or opened on delivery to the address provided by the Customer shall not be accepted by the Customer and shall be immediately returned for replacement to Pook against the issue of an official Pook voucher confirming the description of the product, the nature of the damage and invoiced value of the product.

  9. Orders once placed and paid for shall be received by the Customer and product returns only accepted (subject to clause 8 above) on prior written approval from Pook. Where returns of products confirmed in an order by the Customer are accepted, Pook shall either replace the products with goods of a similar value or refund the invoice price (less any applicable handling charge) to the Customer in the same manner as payment was effected for the products.

  10. Products used after delivery to the Customer, or those removed from their packaging or perishable products will generally not be accepted for refund due to food safety and hygiene concerns and the Customer is required to communicate any returns or refund request to Pook prior to any tender of return of a product.

  11. Prices quoted for products are inclusive of applicable taxes and delivery charges and must be paid in full by the Customer prior to delivery of any products. Minimum quantities of products required to be purchased may be stipulated for delivery to be effected to the address designated by the Customer. Details of Customer transactions with Pook will be made available for review by the Customer on request.

  12. Enquiries regarding any products listed for sale, current prices of any products offered for sale, terms of any promotional offers or relating to orders placed by a Customer or returns of products may be made by email to Pook or on telephone number: 0773 213 530 during working hours.

  13. Personal information provided by a Customer will not, unless required by law, be circulated, disseminated or otherwise disclosed or used save for purposes necessary in terms of these Terms & Conditions of Contract. The Pook website is hosted by clarip.com – a third party service provider whose Privacy Policy is contained in the link below.

  14. The Customer shall provide such personal information as may be required by Pook for the purpose of selling and supplying products to the Customer and the Customer warrants that the information provided by him/her will be correct and current.

  15. The Customer may receive by electronic transmission/media advertising information from Pook relating to the products offered for sale.